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Products: industrial chain

Industrial chain includes two series,roller chains and link chains.The chains’ material are usually carbon steel,alloy steel or 304 stainless steel. They can be both used for industry area for different applications.It plays an important part in driving,and lifting.And lots of areas need industrial chain.

Roller Chain
Roller chain is a power transmisssion component.It is composed by four parts.They are plate,roller,bush and pin.Roller Chain
The materials are as follow:

Conveyor chain
Conveyor chain, Conveyor chainlike transmission roller chain, can be manufactured to a number of different international standards. The main standards available are:British Standard (BS) and ISO Standard Chain.

Transmission chain
Transmission chain also named driving chain,it is one kind of roller chains.It is used for driving engine,Transmission chainsprocket or other machines.We use high quality materials and heat-treated to ensure wear life.

Engineering chain
Engineering chains offered by us are manufactured from high-performance base materials to ensure increased wear life. Engineering chainWe use various grades of steel, heat-treated to precise specifications and assembled with accurate press-fits to withstand the requirements of today's powerful, high-production equipment.

Leaf chain
Leaf chain includes AL, BL/LH, LL series.Leaf chainOur range of leaf chain for materials handling applications is used worldwide for straddle carriers, forklift trucks and on major civil engineering works such as flood defence barriers.

Agricultural chain
Agricultural chain is also referred as agricultural roller chain or agriculture chain.Agricultural chainIt is one of the roller chains used for agricultural machine.

Stainless steel roller chain
Stainless steel roller chain or stainless steel chain,Stainless steel roller chaincompared with carbon steel roller chain, is suitable for corrosive conditions involving food,chemical pharmaceuticals,etc,and also suitable for high and low temperature conditions.

Special chain
Special chain is also reffered as non-standard chain.Special chainIt is a special application chain in different areas.Because of the non-standard size,Special chains are manufactured according to the drawing or sample.We supply various kinds of high quality special heat treated steel alloys special chains

High tensile chain
High tensile chain,also can be called G80 chain or G80 link chain.It uses the material of high-quality alloy steel and also it is done by heat treatment.So the high tensile chain has high working load and breaking load.It is widely

Round link chain
Round link chain,also can be called link chain.It is widely used for industry in different countries.We can supply different standards for different countries.Also we can supply different grade chains,Like G30 chains,G43 chains,G70 chains,G80 chains,G100 chains.

We offer a complete line of high quality chain platewheels and sprockets for American and European standard.Products are available in Type A,B,C,D,BW,CW and DW.The material is carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,cast iron,cast steel.

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