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Conveyor chain

Conveyor chain, like transmission roller chain, can be manufactured to a number of different international standards. The main standards available are:British Standard (BS) and ISO Standard Chain.

Conveyor chain


Short/Double Pitch Conveyor Chains
1. BS/DIN Standard Short Pitch Attachment Chains: 08B-24B
2. BS/DIN Standard Double Pitch Conveyor Chains:C208B-C224BL
3. ANSI Standard Short Pitch Attachment Roller Chains:40-160
4. ANSI Double Pitch conveyor Attachment Chains: 2040-2120
5. ANSI Double Pitch Conveyor Roller Chains: C2040-C2162H
6. ANSI Double Pitch Conveyor Attachment Chains: C2040-C2122H
7. BS/DIN and ANSI Short Pitch Hollow Pin Chains: 08BHP-12BHP,40HP-80HP
8. ANSI Double Pitch Hollow Pin Chains: C2040HP-C2080HP,C2042HP-C2082HP
9. ISO/BS/DIN Large Pitch Hollow Pin Chains:MC,BS,FVT Series
10. Made-to-Order Hollow Pin Chains: 260 & 262
11. Side Bow Chains (Special Curved Chains): 08BSB-10BSB,35SB-80SB
12. Free Flow Conveyor Chains: Double plus chain,Triple speed chain and Accumulator chain
13. Side Roller Conveyor Chains: 40PST-100PST,C2040PSR-C2100HPSR
14. Top Roller Conveyor Chains: 40TR-100TR,C2040TR-C2100TR

Large Pitch Conveyor Chains (Long Pitch Engineering Class Conveyor Chains)
1. ISO Standard Solid Pin Conveyor Chains (ISO 1977): M,MT
2. ISO Standard Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains (ISO 1977): MC,MCT
3. BS Standard Metric Series Solid Pin Conveyor Chains (BS 4116): E,ET
4. BS Standard Metric Series Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains (BS 4116):EC,ECT
5. BS Standard Imperial Series Solid Pin Conveyor Chains (BS 4116): Z,ZT
6. BS Standard Imperial Series Hollow Pin Conveyor Chains (BS 4116): ZC,ZCT
7. DIN Standard Conveyor Chains (DIN 8167 and DIN 8168): FV,FVH,FVT
8. ANSI Standard Plain Conveyor Chain (ANSI B29.15): 0703-2430
9. Standard Bucket Elevator Chains: DT150-DT250
10. Bearing Bush Conveyor Chains
11. Bearing Roller Conveyor Chains

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